Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Indian Jewelry Making

I recently posted a post on jewelry making for beginners.  I am passionate about beautiful jewelry.  The beauty of Indian jewelry will take your breath away.  Oscar T. Branson in his book, "Indian Jewelry Making," he gives you the history, tools, techniques and so much more on the making of Indian jewelry.

Oscar T. Branson was a well-known author, illustrator, and businessman.  Not only is he the author of "Indian Jewelry Making."  He wrote "Turquoise The Gem of the Centuries" and "Hopi Indian Kachina Dolls" and more.

This is an invaluable book if you are interested in learning traditional Indian silversmithing.  In America the craft of silversmithing is an outstanding craft. The book has 120 beautiful photos.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Develop a Passion for Soapmaking

Have you ever dreamed of making your own handmade soap?  I have and I have found a terrific book which teaches you how to make all natural soaps in your own kitchen.  The entrepreneur Anne-Marie Faiola has authored a step by step collection of 32 homemade soap recipes. Anne-Marie Faiola is a passionate crafter who turned her hobby of soap making into a multimillion dollar enterprise.

Anne-Marie Faiola book, "Pure Soapmaking: How to Create Nourishing, Natural Skin Care Soap," is a great detail book on making luscious homemade soaps.  She gives you a step-by-step photography guide of making all natural soaps from simple, yet through recipes.

Check out "Pure Soapmaking:  How to Create Nourishing, Natural Skin Care Soap," and find your favorite soap recipes.  You will be glad you did.  Maybe, you will develop a passion for this wonderful craft.  Maybe, your passion will turn into a multimillion dollar enterprise. 

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Bring Out Your Daughter's Creativity

Give your daughter the gift of loving arts and craft.  This delightful arts and craft kit will encourage her to be more creative. Every little girl enjoys the magic of growing her own fairy garden.

This flower garden kit comes complete with EVERYTHING to bring out the magic of her fairy garden.  It is a best seller item. It comes with great reviews.  Give your daughter or granddaughter the gift of discovering the joy of a fairy garden in which she grew herself.  

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jewelry Making for Beginners

You love beautiful jewelry.  You have always wanted to create and design your own original pieces.  You dream of wearing jewelry that is different and unique.  Others will admire the pieces which you have designed and made yourself.

One of my favorite jewelry maker is Jinks McGrath.  She is a well known British jeweller.
She has written "The Complete Jewelry Making Course." 

As as beginner,  in the book you will learn how to make exquisite jewelry from her guidance.   In her book "The Complete Jewelry Making Course" she will guide you step by step in full color to the end product.  She even instructs you on how to sell your creations.  This book is one of the best on jewelry making for beginners.  See for yourself.

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Two other works by Jinks McGarth are:  "First Steps in Enameling" and "Jewellery Making:  A Complete Course for Beginners."   

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beautiful Centerpieces Made from Recycled Bottles

Being an eco friendly individual I love to recycle used items into something new and beautiful.  This not only helps our environment, it be fun.  You will make something new out of something old.  

There are many items you can update around your home which you are now recycling or just trashing you can now upcycle. You should take a look around your home and you will be surprised at what you will come up with. Things like empty bottles or jars, old picture frames, cans, jewelry boxes, lamps and even old clothing. 

Today, I will teach you how to upcycle empty bottles to create a beautiful centerpiece.  You will need three empty bottles (they may be either the same shape and size or different), different color glitter, small ribbon, small decorative piece, Mod Podge, glue gun, glue sticks and a small paint brush.

To complete the project first, you will need to brush Mod Podge around the inside of the bottle. Second, sprinkle the glitter on the glue.  Coat the bottle heavily with the glitter.  Pour out the excess glitter completely.  Let the glitter dry thoroughly. Third, hot glue your flowers around the top of the bottle.  Fourth, take the hot glue gun and glue the small ribbon and small ornament around the top of the bottle.  Below is what the finish centerpiece looks like. 


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Monday, March 13, 2017

Reading Craft Books to Increase Your Creativity

Reading craft books are a great resource to heighten your creativity.  You should have a small library of books on different crafts.  As a serious crafter learning new ways of being more efficient in the crafts of your choice.

There are many wonderful books on crafting for the beginner as well as the expert artist. Visit my website Little Paradise Marketplace to see and purchase some of my latest creations. http://littleparadisemarketplace.ecrater.com
This is a decoupage blue flower paperweight. These paperweights are just beautiful.

Below you will find five of the best craft books.

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The Technique of Decoupage

Decoupage is a paper craft.  It is one of the most simplest yet beautiful crafts.  You can choose to use pictures from magazines and catalogs, paper napkins, tissue paper, wallpaper, wrapping paper or just about any other paper material.

You can decoupage almost anything.  The process of decoupaging can be applied to plates, vases, pots, mirrors, frames and even furniture.

Like I stated decoupaging is very simple. Material which you will need for the project are:  pictures, item to place the picture on, scissors, and Mod Podge.  There are six major steps to needed finish your work.  First, find the picture you will use. Then cut them as precisely as possible.  Second, make sure the item you have chosen to decoupage is clean and dust free.  Third, arrange the pictures in the position where you will place them on the item.  Place the Mod Podge on the bottom of the picture and place it on the item.  Fourth, smooth out the wrinkles.  Fifth, Mod Podge the item on top several more times or until you have achieved the desired finish.  Sixth, after it has thoroughly dried at least over night, spray the finish product with Mod Podge glossy sealer.  This is a decoupage plate with over 100 hearts.  They are cut in different sizes.   Visit Little Paradise Marketplace at  http://littleparadisemarketplace.ecrater.com for more crafts.

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